Something Broken

Men move to Brady's Cove because it is a forgotten place.
Ilysa Hayes is a survivor. She was born in Brady's Cove and she's never known anything different. She thinks she likes the way things are, but she's worried about her older brother, Isaiah. 
Isaiah isn't content to survive. He clings to a moral code that infuriates his father. He chooses his friends in spite of family taboos. He wants beauty, passion and principle. Isaiah is searching for truth and life more abundantly.
Ilysa wants Isaiah to find what he seeks. But when he does, she discovers that she doesn't like it. The life Isaiah finds changes him and Ilysa realizes that she too must make a choice.

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Excerpts from reviews:

"Excellent read...leaves you satisfied and thoughtful at the end."

"Powerful! Something Broken captures the sometimes harsh circumstances of life and demonstrates how they can potentially result in beauty, strength and love."

"Really enjoyed this novel...Family relationships, friendships, romance, betrayal, violence and suspense are all included in a sensitive manner..."

"I have read through this book twice already and can't wait to read it again. I did not want to put the book down..."


How do you pronounce Ilysa's name?
Personally, I pronounce it Ill-lise-ah. I think readers should leave themselves free to pronounce it however they like saying it, though.
When I named my characters I was fifteen and into Irish/Scottish onomastics. I had many other lovely, creatively spelled, invented names that I cut because they were way too complicated. But Ilysa just couldn't have been changed and stay herself.

Where is Brady's Cove?
I purposefully left that ambiguous. It has an Appalachian feel, but since I've never been east of Montana, it ended up being officially somewhere in the Rockies between Idaho and Montana. All my imagery, however, came from the Oregon Cascades I grew up with. So it could be anywhere remote with big mountains.