Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tale of A Dangerous Criminal

Once upon a time, TJ was a little kid. There was TJ, and there was me.
We were riding our bikes along the road because we were going to the park. As we were riding along, TJ got an idea.
The road we were riding on was straight and very boring. TJ thought it was too boring. TJ is very committed to safety. He thought that the road was so boring that drivers might fall asleep. So he decided to improve it.
First, we rode back home and he found a bunch of nails and we hammered them into the road to improve traction. They also worked like a rumble strip to wake people up and remind them that they were driving a car. 
Then he found a bunch of beams lying about at a nearby jobsite. He used those to make a sort of maze out of the road. The maze would keep things interesting for drivers, as they wove in and out of the beams.
Lastly, he picked a bunch of old couch upholstery out of the dump three blocks down and tied it over the road from tree to tree. It was to insulate the road from ice and also to keep snow from building up on the asphalt.
We felt very accomplished, and TJ was admiring his handiwork, when the first car came along.
It was going very fast. It was white, with writing on it that neither of us could read. After all, we were only about five or six. There were blue and white flashing lights all over it, like the driver wanted to pretend he was an ambulance.
That car completely ignored the maze. Maybe the driver was sleeping. (TJ said we should have put more things on the road.) The car smashed straight into the first beam. Then one of the tires popped on a nail, because it was going so fast.
The driver started getting out and he seemed very angry. He was wearing dark glasses, which TJ said proved he was a bad guy. TJ said he was probably driving so fast because he was running from the police. 
I wanted to stay and see the police catch him. I'd never seen a police. But TJ said the man was dangerous and we should go home.
We rode off as fast as we could.
The next time we drove by, our traction devices and maze and snow protector were all gone. TJ was a little disappointed. But he took pleasure in the thought that we had helped catch a dangerous criminal by stopping his flight from justice.