Monday, February 24, 2014


      Like journalists can take a perfectly good cause and make it sound like a terrorist takeover, the way you describe an event can make it sound ominous or encouraging:

      "It was a dark and foggy night, and a group of young gun enthusiasts were meeting in a old, musty-smelling shed in the middle of a desert filled with gun casings and empty shotgun shells. 
     "They gathered around a table in the dim light and discussed a pack laid out on the table. A few people sat on the falling apart benches and chairs, offering grim advice when needed. The chairs were dusty and a back-to-the-80’s orange and brown.
      "Once in a while truck lights would light up the dry, mud encrusted road and the door would creak open and a group member would slip inside, or a harried parent arrived to pick up their child.
       "The rusty, steel wood stove in the middle of the room warmed the room to a stuffy temperature and filled it with the smell of woodsmoke and dust.
      "Some call it the Youth Hunter Education Challenge. 
      "Many call it simply YHEC. Yes. YHEC. This unusual name represents a group of unique people who live and breathe guns and compasses."
       (Written by Beth Leavitt.)

       "The room was warm and bright. Light shone from the windows of the cabin out into the rugged country surrounding the gun club. Although the night was cold and foggy, the woodstove in the center of the room kept everyone comfortably warm. 
        "Inside, a group of young hunters gathered eagerly around the table, watching as thier coach dissected a hiking pack, showing them each item and how it would help them in the woods. Parents sat around on various chairs and benches, offering helpful comments and chuckling softly as they watched thier children’s expressions.
       "Although the furnishings were old, they were servicible, and the greens and oranges gave a retro feel to the browns and tans. However, the rows of eager young faces, excited to learn more about the responsibility and sport of hunting, were the real decoration in the room.
      "YHEC. Youth Hunter Education Challenge. A chance for the next generation to learn about the technicalities and delights of hunting."

      One makes YHEC sound disgusting and disturbing. The second makes it sound like a warm, educational family event. (As it is.) However, some of the furnishings at the gun club are 80's orange. :)