Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Anything

"You can make anything by writing."
C.S. Lewis

God must have had fun when he created the world. We, the people he made in his image, get so much pleasure out of making things, out of writing and crafting and building, it must have been a joy like no other to build flowers and waterfalls and design the cell and sculpt atoms so that hydrogen and oxygen made water. Then to release everything he had made to live on its own, reproducing itself.

We can't make live things. Everything we "create" is destined, for moths and rust. Books included. But in writing we come very close to creation. We can make things that live. People and mountains and valleys and even entire universes. We can even make things that, to our knowledge, have never existed. Aliens and glowing swords and hobbits. 

We can make worlds. We can create places where animals talk, men fight with swords, and the land is always beautiful. We can make up languages, mythologies, and create horrid slimy creatures that live in dark places and are obsessed with one possession. 

We can borrow from ancient times, from real life, and other people's imaginations. We can melt things together, pull things apart, rearrange and reconstitute, add our own ideas, come up with new things, and produce something that is ours and ours alone. 

We come up with amazing things.
From boys that fly to priests that solve mysteries. From children having fantastic adventures to an old man caring for his wife even though she can't remember him anymore. Retelling old stories, creating new ones, telling true stories, creating myths. 

We can make anything by writing. And it's so much fun!